Adapting to Life Transition, Anxiety and Depression, General Disorders of Mood, Body Image, Bullying, Grief, Stress and Symptom Management, Trauma and PTSD

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“You are loved just for being who you are, just for existing.” This quote is from psychologist, spiritual teacher, and writer Ram Dass, and I believe it elucidates a simple truth about life—we are all born with purpose, worthiness, and deserving of a fulfilling life. As simple as that is, life has struggles and we experience hardships and griefs of various kinds along our life journeys. Sometimes we can rely on our wits and resilience alone, other times however, we can use a little support from others.

With a background in crisis intervention, severe and persistent symptom management, mindfulness, and Kundalini yoga, I will collaborate with you as you develop your goals, life dreams, and self-care plans while clearing out the thoughts and habits you are finding to be unhelpful. My approach is based on holistic wellbeing, processing, and finding hope. With an emphasis on existential approaches and trauma informed care, I will support your healing and personal growth so that you can continue, or begin, to live to your fullest and most authentic potential. Most importantly, I will be listening, and you will be heard.

I am a provisionally licensed mental health practitioner in Nebraska who graduated from Bellevue University. I have experience with adolescents, adults, and psychiatric emergency services, providing services in private practice and inpatient settings, and online. My passions include helping others work through anxiety, depression, and other disorders of mood; body image issues; grief; trauma and resulting PTSD symptoms; and mental blocks that deplete emotional energy and motivation. If you believe I can help you with whatever emotions or issues motivated you to choose therapy, I am committed to offering you a safe space to focus on your healing and just be yourself!

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At New Beginnings Counseling, our therapists are available to meet you where you are in your life and work with you on achieving milestones while working toward your ultimate goals so you are living a healthy, successful, and most importantly, happy and fulfilled life.